New York

STATE OF NEW YORK                 

Contract # PC66245                        Effective date: December 2, 2013 – December 1, 2018       
Furniture, All Types, Group 20915

Terms and Conditions:

Task, side, lounge chairs                58.1%   

Volume discount tiers:

$60,000-$85,000 List                      58.5%

$85,001+ List                                   58.9%

Stack chairs                                      58.1%

Volume discount tiers:

$25,000 - $60,000 List                     58.5%

$60,001 +                                           58.9%

 Stools                                                 58.1%

Volume discount tier:

$120,000 + List                                 59%                                       

For inside delivery and install in UPSTATE NY: 
Dealers get to charge ADDITIONAL12% for Seating, and 17% for tables (without power)
For inside delivery and install in DOWNSTATE NY: 
Dealers get to charge ADDITIONAL 20% for Seating, and 25% for tables
(without power, dividers, privacy screens)

For Dauphin Installed Auditorium/Educational Seating (fixed to the ground)
and for all tables with power, divider, privacy screens, etc.
Dealers get to charge NEGOTIATED RATES with agency
No volume tier discounts applicable to Installed Seating, max discount is 58.1%

Applicable Price Lists:

Dauphin Price List
Valo Price List
Valo Konstrux

Authorized Dealers List:

Sales Representatives:
R. Design Resources (Upstate New York)
Rulyn Graves
Tel: 518-692-9917
R. Design Resources (Upstate New York)
Tara Graves
Tel: 617-872-8140
Kevin Clark (Long Island)
Tel: 631-689-0664
Dauphin (New York City)
Kaneez Darbar/Regional Business Manager Northeast
Tel: 973-632-7059

Jaclyn Pullo/Sales Representative
Tel: 845-709-1261