Inspired by the unspoiled environment around our company’s rural Bavarian headquarters, Dauphin has always attached great importance to preserving nature. We take a holistic approach to sustainability that recognizes businesses, communities and people are linked; that by working together and aligning core shared interests, we can better protect and restore the environment. Care for the environment and sustainability as a management responsibility are practiced in all company facilities in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001; and across the organization, from product development and manufacturing to sales and service.

 By observing and documenting raw materials and energy supplies, the types and amounts of waste and waste water produced, air emissions and energy consumption in all areas, we’re able to minimize negative impacts on the environment. Along with these operational measures, we also develop our products using Design for Disassembly principles, which allows for easy disassembly, faster sorting, and recycling of key components at end of life, and allows the recycled materials to retain their economic value. To encourage recycling practices Dauphin has adopted extended producer responsibility (EPR) strategies with our Take-Back Program, which enables customers to return their products to Dauphin for disassembly and recycling.

 Our objective is to solve or avoid possible environmental problems through our own actions and by promoting sustainable consumption and future-oriented lifestyles. At Dauphin, management and workers live and work with this awareness that we need to make continuous improvements to contribute in the medium and long term towards preserving our basis for existence.